I became a patient of Dr. Darin Bocian in April 2015 after being referred by my primary care provider. I had been living with pain from a large plantar fibroma on my right foot for two years. The pain had been increasing over the prior 6 months, which caused my lifestyle to avoid jogging, standing for extended time, and long hikes. Since February 2015, I would awake with painful cramping of the right foot and greater toe and would need to spend several minutes stretching out my right foot before I could walk comfortably.
I have had plantar fibroma surgically removed from my left foot on three separate occasions between the years of 2001-2006. My only option was to live with them or have them surgically removed. I didn’t care for the long, painful and troublesome recovery from the surgeries, so I avoided going back to the doctor with this new fibroma. After Dr. Bocian explained the option of laser treatment vs. surgery, I was still hesitant about the treatment, but I did not want to repeat the surgery route of treatment. SO I decided to give laser treatment a try.
The first three laser treatments were uncomfortable at times, but with each further treatment I noticed that the morning cramping an pain of my right foot was decreasing and the nodules seemed to be getting softer and smaller. By the end of the treatment plan, I was not having any pain or discomfort in my right foot. The only time I had any discomfort was after walking barefoot outside and I stepped on a small rock, right on the fibroma, it did hurt for a few moments.
Since finishing the treatment in July 2015 I have not had any pain or cramping of the right foot. My wife and I have gone on long and hard hikes with no discomfort to me. I still have the nodules, but they are softer and smaller. I’m very happy that I took this path for treatment. I knew from the outset that Dr. Bocian could not promise the fibroma would go away, but the pain and discomfort did.
If I would have had a choice back in 2001-2006 to have this type of treatment vs. surgeries, I would without a doubt choose Dr. Bocian’s laser treatment. At work I’m on my feet for several hours and I have not had any problems with my right foot (cramping, pain, stiffness) since my treatment.

Cameron E. RT(R)
Tucson, AZ