I went to see Dr Darin Bocian (Nov 2017) concerning both my feet hurting me for 6 months -1 year.    My feet hurt to simply stand on them. Both feet looked as though I had a rod running from the top of my feet to the heel of my feet. It was extremely painful to walk.  When I walked I noticed I would waver from side to side. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t walk in a straight line.  It seemed as though I would walk on the outside or my feet.  I had started some new medication and thought the weird walking was due to that, so I just chalked it up to a side effect of the Phenobarbital. The pain felt like I was walking on rocks most of the time.  The pain was sharp & ached almost all the time.   The aching was constant!  When I would even be sitting w/my feet reclined they always ached.  There were times it would feel as though I was having a major CRAMP running from top of my foot to the bottom (where it looked like a rod inside my food.)  The pain seemed constant, but it varied from sharp to cramping. With a pain level from 1-10, it was a constant 8 but a 9 when I walked on my feet.

In Nov 2017, I went to see Dr. Bocian & after him taking an ultrasound he showed me the plantar fibromas in both my feet!!  I was shocked yet glad to know it was something other than having to live with it because it was due to medication.  I went to UMC hospital to have further tests on my feet. Living in constant sharp pain & cramping, I dreaded to walk and do anything.  I can’t remember the exact length of time I actually had these fibromas, but it seemed like forever.  Dr. Bocian, told me about a laser treatment he was having success with. How many people have had real success doing the laser treatment.  All I could think of was Cathy, trust Dr Bocian because he had already helped my feet.

I couldn’t start my laser treatment until 12 /29/2017, so until then I soaked my feet almost every day in Epsom salts but didn’t help much if any. My husband was very willing to rub my feet, but I would cringe at the thought even though Marlin asked out of love & just wanted to help in some way. I’ve spent so much money on different types of shoes in hopes that I’d find the miracle shoe, but didn’t.  I’ve even tried insoles, but they seemed to make it worse. I was excited to finally start this laser treatment, seemed like forever for my appt.

Excited, yet a bit anxious to have the laser treatment, but I trusted Dr Bocian.  Then Dec 29, 2017 my 1st appt for my left foot, I don’t know why but I thought Dr Bocian was going to do my laser treatments. Instead of Dr. Bocian, Natasha was going to do all my laser treatments.  Natasha, was always very helpful, explained everything before she started. Natasha answered all my concerns! And before treatment started Dr. Bocian came in the room and talked to me. That was just what I needed!

The laser treatment didn’t hurt at all.  And after only my 3rd treatment I could tell a 25% difference.  I was amazed!  Still having pain walking but it was different, very noticeable to me.  It wasn’t so painful and it seemed as those I wasn’t getting that cramping feeling all the time either. Immediately after each treatment my foot felt softer where the fibromas were. I could walk without so much pain! Before my 6th laser treatment, I told Natasha that my foot seemed to feel flat. She told me it’s because the fibroma was getting smaller!  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell Dr. Bocian.  And to think I had only had 5 treatments and that day I was excited for my 6th treatment.  I felt like it was 35% better.  It was hard to tell Natasha a percentage of how much better it was, because it had been so long since it felt that good!  After my 11th treatment I accidentally walk on our tile floor when I stopped and realized I didn’t have any pain when I walked on the bare floor.  WOW!

I’m so happy that I tried the laser treatment.  I can walk our dog, walk at the stores & notice I’ve been walking a pretty straight line!  Glory! I can’t even put into words the difference in my life.   I started my right foot last week!  I can only imagine the difference both my feet will be AFTER I’ve completed my right foot.

Anyone reading the testimonies of people who have used Dr. Bocian’s Laser Treatments, believe them, because they work.  I was also told that the fibromas will continue to get better even after the treatment, I believe that!  I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY AND SATISFIED!!   Dr. Bocian has a wonderful heart for his patients. Natasha is amazing.  And the staff are cheerful and so willing to help in anyway.

Thank You Dr. Bocian for understanding and finding NEW ways (your laser treatments) to help all your patients.  You’re like a superhero!!

Many Thanks, Appreciation & Blessing over your Practice & Office,

Cathy B.
Tucson, AZ