I can highly recommend Dr. Bocian and his non-invasive laser treatments.

I had started having terrible foot pain 2011 and went to many doctors. I tried injections, but the pain not only came back but got worse. I tried orthotics, widening the shoes….everything the doctors suggested I should do but nothing worked.

In July 2013, they all agreed surgery was my only option. I had the surgery in August 2013 and not only did the pain not go away, it got worse. Just standing was painful.

I went to one doctor who said I most likely had stump neuromas. I asked him what the treatment would be and he said it would be to have another surgery. For me, that was not something I wanted to go through again – ever.

Then I heard about Dr. Bocian and his non-invasive laser treatments. I saw him in June 2015 and he confirmed I had stump neuromas that were caught up in scar tissue. He was not very positive about how much relief I could expect from the laser treatments as stump neuromas are very difficult to treat. There was a lot of scar tissue and finding them would be difficult. He gave me a 50-50 chance for relief but we both agreed I had run out of options other than surgery and we both agreed that is not an option to explore. For me, it was worth taking a chance.

I began treatments in July 2015. I had two a week and by the 5th treatment felt tremendous relief – about 65%. On my 7th treatment I reported 80% relief and after the 8th, there was no pain whatsoever and I stopped treatments altogether to see if the pain returned. It has not. This treatment seems to really work and, if so, will be of great benefit to podiatry.

Thank you again and again, Dr. Bocian!

K. Leslie H.
Tucson, AZ