Warmer weather is here and who doesn’t want to enjoy everything summer has to offer? There are common foot hazards our podiatrist in Tucson wants you to know about. Here are a few things to keep in mind before venturing out into the sunshine:

Going Barefoot
Going barefoot increases the chances for injury or infection and it can cause foot pain in other ways too. For instance, if you have natural high arches going without arch support could be extremely uncomfortable.
Wearing Unsupportive Shoes

One step from going barefoot is wearing shoes that lack support like flip flops and sandals. They are too flat and cause the forefoot to work harder to grasp the shoe in an attempt to keep the shoe on.

Swollen Feet
The combination of activity and high heat and humidity cause the feet to swell during the summer months. It is best to avoid salty foods and get lots of exercise to increase blood flow. Also, a cold foot soak can help tremendously.

Sweaty Feet
Hot and sweaty feet can turn into a foot health issue because they are more prone to infections. Try using antiperspirant to keep them cool and dry. Choose socks that keep moisture away from the skin.

Germy Feet
When you are sightseeing on a hot city street wearing only sandals you are probably not thinking about the germs you are attracting. There are many diseases on the ground and having blisters or a cut can put your health at a greater risk.

You can still enjoy your season of fun but don’t forget about taking extra care of your feet so you stay comfortable.