Do-it-yourself foot remedies are not always the best option. Visiting your podiatrist in Tucson, AZ is necessary for those who are suffering from foot or onychomycosis (toenail fungus). Yes it can be embarrassing to tell your podiatrist that you are concerned about your toenail fungus, but you are not alone. Thousands of Americans suffer from foot and toenail fungus every year.

Ignoring toenail fungus can lead to unsightly nails, painful toes, or difficulty with walking. Ignoring the problem may also lead to other bacterial or yeast infections on your toes. Onychomycosis may be treated by being extremely diligent with cleanliness. Cleaning and disinfecting floors, showers, bathtubs, shoes, and socks, may eliminate some of the problem. Also a daily cleansing to the feet and toenails may also help. Over the counter antifungals will also help combat mild-moderate cases of toenail fungus.

Moderate to severe cases of onychomycosis will not go away with over the counter medications or diligent cleanliness. Individuals who are affected by severe cases of onychomycosis should seek help from their podiatrist in Tucson, AZ. Your podiatrist can do a culture on the fungus to determine the exact strain and then build a treatment plan from there. Diseased nails may need debridement, topical medication, and oral medication. Laser treatments may also be a viable option. In rare instances your podiatrist may need to remove the diseases toenails to make topical medications easier to apply. Only a qualified podiatrist can effectively treat and manage onychomycosis.

Your podiatrist in Tucson at Podiatric Medicine & Surgery may be able to manage your onychomycosis without harsh medications or surgical intervention. Not only do we offer proper treatment and management plans, we offer GenesisPlus Laser Treatments which is a completely painless way to deal with toenail fungus! Give us a call today!