Warts are incredibly common, and very irritating to most people. They are small, benign tumors caused by one of many types of human papillomavirus (HPV). Although they are a form of HPV, they are not cancerous or harmful to you. There are several ways to care for warts, several effective home remedies, as well as doctor-prescribed treatments. The key to effective wart removal is patience. No matter what treatment you choose, or if you choose to leave it, warts take time to go away. Here are some of the most effective wart removal treatment options:


  • Acidic Treatments


Acidic wart treatment is the most common kind of at-home treatment method. When utilizing the acidic treatment, you are using a special kind of acid called salicylic acid to put on the wart. Simply soak your wart in warm water for about 10 minutes, and then paint the wart with the acid like nail polish. The acid should peel away the skin, and eventually the wart will peel away too.


  • Freezing


Often, when you go into the doctor’s office for wart treatment, they’ll freeze the wart off. They have a cold treatment spray, which can now be found in stores, that makes a blister around the wart. The blister and the wart eventually fall off.


  • Tape


A common household wart treatment is duct tape. Yes, duct tape. Although it’s not known how it works exactly, it has been known to speed up the healing process for warts. The idea is to stick a piece of duct tape on your wart and change it every couple of days to peel away layers of the wart.

  • Surgery


In extreme cases, surgical removal of the wart is needed. Individuals pursue surgical removal in cases when the wart is large and interfering with everyday life, when the patient desires faster results, and when they desire to target the cause of the wart.


  • Laser Therapy


Perhaps the most effective, and desirable medical wart treatment option is laser removal. It is quick, painless, and fully gets rid of the wart in a matter of minutes. With Genesisplus by Cutera®, you will not experience any discomfort, and you won’t need more than one session. Pain medication isn’t necessary, and you’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately.


The most important thing to remember when pursuing wart removal is that the wart removal process requires patience. Often, warts disappear on their own without treatment. However, this can take a long time (weeks, sometimes months), and many people are not willing to live with a wart for that long. There is also the risk for daughter warts to sprout near the main wart. To keep the wart from spreading and growing new daughter warts, treatment is recommended.


At DPM Podiatric Medicine And Surgery, our state-of-the-art clinic in Tucson offers laser removal of plantar warts. Our treatment options are painless, quick, require no pain medication, and the results are permanent. Our team of professionals are certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Call us today to schedule your appointment.