Laser Treatment Reviews


Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Plantar Fibroma 

1. “Please describe the symptoms of your plantar fibroma prior to laser treatment:” 

Sharp, dull, burning, & aching. The pain was variable and ranged between 1-8 with occasional very sharp pains.

2. “Did your plantar fibroma interfere with activities of daily living or quality-of-life?”

The fibroma DID interfere with activities of daily living and my quality of life. I had significant pain when doing simple tasks such as trying to walk my dog. I am active and have an active job and the pain from the fibroma was concerning. 

3. “How long have you had these symptoms?” 

I first noticed the fibroma in May of 2023 and noted pain developing in my foot in the surrounding area in June of 2023.

4. “Mention previous treatments prior to laser treatment including any injection(s), physical therapy, shoe modifications, orthotic devices, surgery, etc.”

This was my first treatment for the fibroma.

5. “Describe improvement following laser treatment.” 

The pain because both less frequent and less significant. I had noticed prior to the laser that by doing a certain amount of physical activity, the fibroma would become irritated and would begin to hurt more and more. As the treatments continued, the amount of physical activity I could do before I was in pain increased.

6. “What % of improvement have you achieved following laser treatment?” 


7. “How frequent is the pain, if any, following laser treatment?” 

It is occasional.

8.“Describe your current symptoms now, if any, following laser treatment. Are your symptoms continuing to improve, staying the same, or getting worse?” 

I have some dull pain from the fibroma, it is less frequent and the pain is less severe/sharp. The pain is continuing to improve.

9.“Has the laser treatment improved the quality of your life?”  

It has improved my quality of life.

10. “Following completion of laser treatment for plantar fibroma are you: somewhat satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied, extremely satisfied, or unsatisfied?” 

I am very satisfied with the laser treatment.

11. “Would you recommend this laser treatment for plantar fibroma?”  

I would recommend it to others, while also advising them of the frequency of treatments/ time commitment needed to do this treatment. 




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Plantar Fasciitis

In December 2023 I learned of Dr. Bocian’s laser treatment plan for Plantar Fasciitis. At first, I was skeptical the treatments would be successful for me. Previously, I suffered Plantar Fasciitis pain for roughly three years and underwent cortisone injections during that time. I struggled to walk and was unable to participate in activities involving walking or standing. However, in 2023 the cortisone shots no longer provided relief and I did not want surgery. I decided to pursue the laser treatments despite my insurance not covering the cost. After the third treatment, I noticed a reduction in foot pain. I was able to walk straighter and longer. I was now looking forward to future treatments. By the 11th treatment, my foot pain was drastically reduced; I estimated approximately 85% improvement. In conclusion, I have my life back and the cost for these treatments was well spent. I strongly recommend anyone suffering pain from plantar fasciitis to see Dr. Bocian and his staff. You too can get back to living pain-free.




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Morton's Neuroma & Plantar Fasciitis 

On January 20, 2014, I underwent Dr. Bocian's High Intensity Laser Procedure for Morton's
Neuroma of the second interspace, left foot and Chronic Plantar Fasciitis of my right heel. A
diagnostic ultrasound performed at University Medical Center confirmed a small Morton's
Neuroma within the left second intermetatarsal space.

I was experiencing pain to the plantar aspect of my left forefoot for the past 3 months and pain
to the plantar aspect of my right heel for the past year. The heel pain was severe at times and
limited my ability to play tennis.

On December 19, 2018, I underwent Dr. Bocian's High Intensity Laser Procedure for Chronic
Plantar Fasciitis of my left heel. Cortisone injections and immobilization with walking boot failed
to provide improvement.

It has been 10 years since completing Dr. Bocian’s laser treatments for my left Morton's
Neuroma and right Plantar Fasciitis and 6 years since completing laser treatment for my left
plantar fasciitis. I no longer have heel or neuroma pain. I continue to be pain free. My
improvement remains 100%.

Dr. Bocian's High Intensity Laser Procedures have improved my quality of life. I am extremely
satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend his laser treatment for Chronic Plantar
Fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma.




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Morton's Neuroma

Dear Dr. Bocian, my laser treatment for a recurrence of pain following the surgical removal of the Morton’s Neuroma of the right 3rd intermetarsal space I had in 2013. 

As you may recall, I had a pretty classic history of pain characteristic of a Morton’s neuroma in the 3rd right intermetatarsal space for several years prior to surgery in Federal Way, WA in 2013. It worsened over time until the point that any weight on my right forefoot sent “lightning bolt” like pain into my foot, so severe that it literally knocked me off my feet at times (e.g., like if I were to lean forward while squatting to pull weeds, the lightning like pain would knock me off my feet and I’d end up sitting in the flower bed). The surgery seemed to be uneventful with the immediate cessation of the lighting bolt type of pain. I had a large area of numbness on the top and bottom of my foot, approx. 3 ½” in diameter that diminished over time (months) but also the emergence of paresthesias that lasted for several years. It felt like someone was scratching the previously numb area with a steel wool pad. The parasthesia eventually went away as well.

I started having pain in both of my forefeet in 2016-2017, sometimes worse on the right, sometimes on the left. This was during a period of time when I was competing approximately 10 hrs/wk at pickle ball and/or tennis. I was evaluated and treated at the VA hospital in Tucson initially for metatarsalgia with little relief from anti-inflammatories, ice, heat, pain relieving gels, various orthotic devices, time off my feet and away from weightbearing activities, with little sustained relief. I was eventually diagnosed with several tears in the plantar plates. The severity of the pain waxed and waned a bit with no sustained improvement until I sustained another avulsion fx of the right fibula and some injury to a tendon which runs under the malleolus. These injuries put me in a boot and sidelined me entirely for about 12 weeks. During that time it appears that the tears in the plantar plate healed but a return to sports caused pain which was worse in the area of the right 3rd metatarsal space and which was worse with compression. At best it was a dull ache and at times, sharp and tingly. The pain was level waxed and waned a bit but if I recall hovered about 4-5 on a 0-10 scale. Definitely worse with compression, maybe up to about a 7-8 and noticeably tingly, like a low voltage jolt through my forefoot. The pain was better if I were off my feet, feet were elevated, I refrained from pickle ball and tennis, hiking, etc. It was around that time that I sought out Dr. Bocian for further evaluation and treatment recommendations since the pain was already interfering significantly with my active retirement. Dr. Bocian thought that I might have a neuroma again in the right 3rd intermetatarsal space, either another new neuroma or possibly a stump neuroma from previous surgery. In any event, further surgery did not appear likely to be helpful and might actually make the situation worse. While he couldn’t promise they would be effective in relieving the pain, Dr. Bocian suggested I try several laser treatments. He indicated that there did not appear to be any significant risks and there was some research to suggest that the laser might soften a neuroma and reduce the pain, at least in patients who had not had prior surgery to remove a Morton’s neuroma. There was little data regarding it’s use in patients like me who had prior surgery to remove a Morton’s neuroma.

I had a series of approx. 7-8 laser treatments with approx. 85% improvement. I stopped when I began having pain following the treatments for a day or two that was worse than before the treatment. I think that overall my pain reduction was about 90-95% better than before the series of treatments after about 3-4 weeks after stopping the treatments. I can’t recall how long it was before I returned for another 2-3 treatments, but I returned when I felt some very slight increase in pain in the right forefoot when I increased my physical activity and before I moved back to the northwest in late July. Since that time I have had virtually no pain in my right forefoot regardless of my physical activity. I will admit that I (age 71+ and a resident of the rainy northwest now), haven’t been outside playing pickle ball or tennis lately, though I have resumed bike riding, hiking, and gardening without limitation or any pain. I’m very satisfied with the improvement noted following my laser treatments, I only wish I had known about it before I had my Morton’s neuroma surgery in the first place. I would definitely recommend a person consider completing a series of laser treatments before considering surgery for a Morton’s neuroma and for those who may have a recurrence, it still appears to be a relatively low risk intervention with some apparently good results as in my case. I hope that the treatment is approved and that insurances will eventually cover the treatments.




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Morton's Neuroma

My original symtoms of Morton's Neuroma were a sharp, burning pain on the bottom of my right foot. It had been progressive over about a 4-5 year period and had reached an 8/10 pain level. The pain relinquised when i was not on my feet, but it had progessed to making most of my walking and excercise difficult to impossible. I had tried massage, shoes with a large toe box, and various inserts into the shoe. 

I began to see improvement almost immediately with the laser treatments. I was skeptical about saying anything absolute with the first treatment, but by the second or third treatment, it was apparent. I began looking forward to the treatments as initially the improvement faded after a few days. As we progessed into the treatment plan, the improvement persisited throughout the week. And, before I had completed he full set, I started to become slightly sensitive to the laser. Nothing serious, just an occastional pain during the treatment. At that point, we decided to pause the treatment schedule with the agreement we could restart laster is the pain returned. 

During this same time, I also added a toe spacer between the third and fouth toes. The improvement has been wonderful. It has been almost two years. I walk on hilly terrain almost daily, and sometimes twice a day, for 45 minutes. I may have felt a hint of pain a couple times---but 99.99% of the time, I totally forget I ever had Morton's Neuroma. I do continue to use the toe spacer and wide toe box shoes with good inserts. It is noteworthy that the shoes had not relieved the pain prior to the laser treatment. 

Simply put, I am thrilled to have been offered this laser treatment for my pain. I have talked to many others about it and suggested they contact Dr. Bocian for an evalutation. I think that my quality of life would have been significantly less without this treatment as I just couldn't walk much or excercise. And since excercise impacts numerous other health concerns, I suspect my overall health and emotional well- being would have declined. Given that other treatments for Morton's Neuroma are far less successful and include series risks, I am so thankful for this option. And the results were extremely satisfying. I waited over a year to report on my outcome as I feel it is even more meaningful that my relief has persisted. 

Thank you, Dr. Bocian!!!!! My best wishes for your continued success.

Gail Stevenson, DVM



Testimonal: High Intensity Laser for Achillies Tendonitis

I am a 68-year-old male who suffered with Achillies tendon pain for over 30 years.  I have been physically active since my teenage years.  Unfortunately, I failed to properly treat foot and ankle injuries sustained during my young adult life.  Over time I started to feel pain in the Achillies tendon area of my left foot and the pain increased over the years with ongoing physical activity.  Throughout the years I tried physical therapy, orthotics, steroid injections, and pain relief medication with no lasting relief.  In 2022, the pain level became unbearable.  My first steps in the morning were generally unbearable because the pain I experienced was at a level of 10, on a scale of 1-10.  Walking in general was a problem for me because I experienced continuous high-level pain and an intense burning feeling in the Achillies tendon area.  I could not stay active because of the pain, which clearly impacted my life.   

In October of 2023, I consulted with Dr. Bocian.  Dr. Bocian was very attentive to my concerns and discussed my options, informing me about his High Intensity Laser Procedure for chronic non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy.  Dr. Bocian was very transparent about the pros and cons of his procedure; however, his knowledge, experience, and confidence about his treatment was refreshing and gave me hope.  I started my first treatment in October of 2023.  Right from the first treatment, I noticed some improvement, and over the subsequent treatments, my improvement was amazing.  

My treatments with his High Intensity Laser Procedure have allowed me to greatly increase my physical activity over the past several months.  Today I can participate in some of my prior physical activities that produced severe pain and burning in my Achillies tendons, with very little discomfort.  I believe I am 95% healed at this point thanks to his laser procedure and I anticipate that as the healing process continues, I will get to 100%.  I am grateful for Dr. Bocian’s knowledge, expertise, and innovation and I have no reservation in recommending his High Intensity Laser Procedure for chronic Achillies tendonitis.  I look forward to resuming my active lifestyle. 




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Morton's Neuroma

My journey with Dr. Bocian started a little over a year ago when I went to him with the most horrific pain in my right foot. The pain was like walking with a large rock in my shoe and it also hurt barefoot, the pain was like a burning and stabbing pain which  made me hobble. He diagnosed me with Morton's Neuroma. My first treatment was a cortisone shot which helped for about 10 months . My second treatment was also cortisone, but this shot only lasted about 3 to 4 months. The pain seemed to be getting worse so Dr. Bocian informed me of his laser treatment which was a better alternative to surgery . I agreed and we started my 10 week treatment. My pain level at the start was a 10, after each treatment the pain was noticeably decreasing.  It was so much easier to walk and do things I couldn't do before. By the time I was at my 8th treatment my pain level was at a 3, and by the time we finished my 10th treatment my pain was 100% gone. My quality of life has changed drastically for the better, its almost like being reborn. I personally recommend this treatment for everyone who has pain like I did. I would also like to complement the office staff, who always showed me nothing but respect and kindness. This is the first doctor that I looked forward to going to my appointment's. Needless to say that I am extremely satisfied with my journey with Dr. Bocian, and a huge thank you to Natasha my MT.




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser for Morton's Neuroma 

After experiencing severe burning pain in my left foot for over three months in 2019, I visited Dr. Darin Bocian for treatment options. The pain was impacting my ability to walk and being active is extremely important to me. We tried cortisone injections which did not provide long term relief. It was then confirmed through multi planar MR imaging that I had a 2.4 mm Morton’s Neuroma of the third web space and the treatment option recommended by Dr. Bocian was laser treatments utilizing a high intensity laser. I was a little skeptical at first, however, I agreed that this was the best course of action to relieve the pain. My first treatment was on February 14, 2020, and my success story starts there. My tenth and final treatment was on April 23, 2020, and I walked away a much happier person. It took several treatments before I noticed a significant improvement, but I was thrilled at the mid-point appointment where I could honestly say I felt success. Three and a half years later, I no longer feel any pain and am extremely happy with the results of the laser treatment. My quality of life has improved and my ability to walk comfortably has returned. I feel very much like a success story as I had to be reminded of which foot I had the laser treatment on due to the lack of pain over the last few years. I would highly recommend this treatment option to others with a similar diagnosis.




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Achillies Tendonitis 

History: April 2019 injured the Achilles tendon; diagnosis was Achilles tendinitis. Symptoms of my Achilles tendinitis prior to laser treatment: For 18 months Achilles tendon was inflamed and constantly painful. The pain included burning, sharp, and aching pain. Difficulty walking, climbing ladders, or standing for long periods of time. Could not rest heel on the couch. Had to keep a pillow under calve so the heel was not touching anything. In the morning there was extreme pain putting my foot on the floor and walking. The level of pain was a 10 (utilizing the 1-10 pain scale).

Previous treatment included night splint, stretching exercises, walking boot, soaking in Epson salt, heat, ice, elevation, physical therapy, orthotic device, and cortisone injection. That podiatrist told me there was nothing more that could be done, and I had to “deal with the pain”.

Achilles tendinitis interfered with daily activities. Could not remain on my feet for long periods of time. Trouble and pain riding ATV, walking the dog, standing, even standing to make meals, practicing T’ai Chi and riding a bike.

Employed as an Aviation Quality Supervisor at the time. Work duties were affected by Achilles tendinitis because of limited mobility, pain, swelling. Employment was in jeopardy.

I received 10 Dr. Bocian's High Intensity Laser Treatment (HILT) beginning October 28, 2020. During the treatments I noticed an improvement in the pain and mobility levels. Immediately following the final HILT, February 23, 2021, the pain was gone. Mobility was increasing exponentially. 100 percent recovery.

Three years since completing Dr. Bocian's High Intensity Laser Treatment (HILT): No pain, no mobility issues. 100 percent improvement continues. Quality of life was returned. No limitations to physical exertion.

I highly recommend Dr. Bocian's High Intensity Laser Treatment (HILT). I am not only extremely satisfied with the outcome but overjoyed to get my life back. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone suffering from Achilles tendinitis. The noninvasive treatments are perfect for recovery. The insightful discovery of utilizing the HILT for Achilles tendinitis was brilliant!




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

I am 40 years old and an avid runner. I had developed plantar fasciitis that caused sharp pain when I would wake in the morning. It was very difficult to take those first few steps out of bed. It had progressed so that it was even painful to get out of my car after driving for 15 minutes or after sitting for any period of time. The pain in my right heel was around a 7 out of 10.

I dealt with this pain for about a year and a half. I had tried massage, heat, ice and even purchased a night splint. There was little relief after doing this for several months. I finally decided to see a doctor about it and was referred to Dr. Bocian. He and his staff were so wonderful. They were committed to improving my health and getting me back to my active lifestyle. Dr. Bocian suggested laser therapy and I was so desperate for relief because I felt like I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. It took a few treatments for me to start to notice a change. By 10 treatments I was about 90% improved so he gave me a couple more treatments. It's been 3 months since my last laser treatment and I can gladly say I am 100%!

I no longer have pain from plantar fasciitis and am back to running with no pain! I use heel cushions and continue to stretch and massage to keep healthy, but I am completely satisfied with the laser treatment! There was no down time. I continued to run during treatments (a little less than normal to promote healing) and I'm currently training for a big race! I would absolutely recommend this treatment for anyone that has suffered with symptoms of plantar fasciitis. It has given me my life back!




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

As a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) I experienced my share of body aches and pains attributed to the career I so enjoyed. But when I started to experience extreme foot pain in 2015 I knew this was not typical aches and pains associated with the job.

I headed straight to a podiatrist who diagnosed my foot pain as plantar fasciitis. Treatment consisted of exercises, custom orthotics, and cortisone injections. After approximately three months the pain subsided and I resumed my regular physical activity of running several times a week and backcountry hiking several miles a week. Fast forward to 2018 and the plantar fasciitis came back.

I started a regime of rest, foot stretching exercises, and new orthotics. Again after four or so months the pain subsided and I resumed all normal activities including running several times a week and hiking. Fast forward to May of 2021 this is when my plantar fasciitis came back with a vengeance.

Again I started the regime of rest, exercise, and new orthotics. The rest came fairly easy as I retired a few months later.

I found a new passion in retirement that included my time, family time and rest (haha). Since newly retired I was patient with the extreme plantar fasciitis pain, I soon found out that I was just as busy as I was prior to retirement and the foot pain continued to persist. I stayed patient with the pain thinking it would go away as it had the previous two flare ups, boy I was wrong. I found myself staying off my feet for extended hours throughout the day and eventually started using crutches.

That’s where Dr. Bocian came in, I finally made an appointment with him due to the excruciating pain. Dr. Bocian was very attentive and sympathetic as I gave him all the sordid details on how I came to see him.

Dr. Bocian provided some options for dealing with my plantar fasciitis that I had previously tried and one that caused some skepticism on my part. This skepticism was born out of Dr. Bocian’s suggestion of laser treatments.

Dr. Bocian provided literature on GentleMax Pro laser treatment, I went home discussed this alternative with my wife and went online, and read everything I could find on this kind of treatment for plantar fasciitis.

As skeptical as I was, I was willing to try this treatment.

My first few sessions did not really yield any positive results, I was reassured by Dr. Bocian to be patient. As I continued these painless short sessions my foot pain started to subside to the point that I was convinced that something good was happening. I completed all the sessions that Dr. Bocian recommended and now I’m close to 100% pain free. The laser treatment not only took the pain away it gave me a new lease on retirement, oh how I love chasing my now fourteen month old granddaughter around the yard.




Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

In the spring of 2018, I had the sensation of walking on a stone in my shoe and was diagnosed with a neuroma on my right foot. Chose not to have surgery to remove the neuroma. Sharp, burning pain which was progressively getting worse. Pain is worse when barefoot. Level of pain from 8-10 when walking. Cortisone injection helped as well as a custom orthotic for several months but then the pain returned. I had the symptoms for about 6 months before learning about laser treatment.

After several laser treatments, the pain was completely gone and I was able to return to all my normal activities. To date, I am still pain free.

I am very satisfied with the treatment and have recommended it to others.

B. Q.


Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Prior to laser treatment, my plantar fasciitis symptoms included intermittent and variable burning and aching when getting up from sitting for more than 20 minutes. While in bed at night, it would often ache and throb.

2. My plantar fasciitis would interrupt my sleep often. It made sports, long walks and hikes difficult and painful.

3.I’ve suffered with this for three years, despite a variety of treatments. It has now evolved into plantar fasciosis (plantar fasciopathy).

4. Previous treatments included custom orthotics, supportive shoes, alternating heat and ice, night splint, massage, physical therapy, cortisone shots, and even PRP (plasma rich platelets). While my condition improved, it never fully cleared up.

5. My condition improved slowly with five laser treatments. After the sixth laser treatment, relief grew at a much faster rate.

6. Two months after the tenth laser treatment, I have 95% improvement.

7. I no longer have pain when getting up from sitting, no matter how long. I occasionally have soreness in the heel or light throbbing, which occur less and less.

8. My symptoms continue to improve, and I look forward to a 100% recovery.

9. The results for me are nothing short of remarkable! And without cutting, pain, downtime, or infringement on my usual activities.

10. My insurance doesn't cover the treatment, but for me, it's been worth every penny

11. I recommend this treatment to anyone who has a lingering case of plantar fasciitis.



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

I am a nurse and have suffered from plantar fasciitis off and on since 2008. In the past physical therapy, steroidal injections & ice have helped significantly, but after 2021 nothing seemed to help & it was affecting my work & my ability to hike even short distances. In my profession I have to wear lead aprons & stand for long periods of time.

I received a steroid injection in 2022 which did not help. Dr Bocian discussed the laser therapy with me and supplied me with complying data that supported its use and effectiveness so I decided to try it. After only 4 treatments I was excited to feel a big difference & reduction of my pain. The treatments allowed me to work without constant pain, I was hiking longer distances & so relieved to find something was actually working!

I ended up taking 12 treatments with a 99% reduction of my pain. By 2 months after that I can walk, hike and stand with my lead apron for extended 1-3 hours at a time 100% pain free!! I am so happy with the response to the laser treatments. Of course I still use good shoes with arch support, but I can walk bare footed, I just try not to as this can aggravate my condition

Dr.Bocian & his staff are wonderful, knowledgeable & devoted to helping their patients. I highly recommend laser treatments for plantar fasciitis.

Thank you,



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for My Morton’s Neuroma

7 years ago, I was treated by Dr. Bocian for Morton's neuroma. I was in severe pain, was given several cortisone

shots, that helped for a while but eventually I was back to the same pain. I tried orthotics and it didn't make any difference.

Dr. Bocian prescribed 10 Laser treatments, after which I had no pain and have not had a problem since. I would most definitely recommend this treatment for the alleviation of pain from Morton's neuroma.

Thank you for these treatments.



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fibroma

In 2011 I was surgically treated by Dr. Landon of Tucson Orthopedic Institute for a diagnosed Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot. Following the surgery and the long recovery, I no longer had pain in the area of the neuroma but had a lot of pain in the ball of my foot, which was later diagnosed as scar tissue, requiring me to wear orthotics to relieve pressure. I still wear orthotics today to address that scar tissue.

In December of 2018 I sought medical attention for a painful lump in the arch of my left foot. Because I had to wear orthotics for my right foot, having an orthotic pressing up against the lump in my left foot was really debilitating. I again consulted a doctor at Tucson Orthopedic Institute, but because I was not satisfied with the outcome of my Morton’s Neuroma surgery, I saw a different doctor. Dr. Cheleuitte diagnosed the lump in my foot as a plantar fibroma and told me absolutely to avoid any type of surgery as it would create more problems. He suggested that I try physical therapy, which I did, but it did not make much difference. He said there was no other successful treatment available.

In early 2019 I began taking my recently relocated elderly parents to Dr. Bocian, as he was highly recommended. Dr. Bocian treated my parents with professionalism and knowledgeable care, and after several visits with them, I decided to ask him about the lump on my left foot. I told him what I had done so far but that it was still there and painful to any kind of pressure. He encouraged me to make an appointment for myself so he could check it out.

I had my first visit with Dr. Bocian on 11/1/19. He confirmed the diagnosis as a plantar fibroma and performed an ultrasound to measure the size of the fibroma. He palpitated the fibroma producing a dull pain level of about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 10. He also examined the scar tissue on my right foot that had resulted from my earlier surgery. He told me that surgery was no longer the recommended treatment for Morton’s Neuroma, and he was sorry that I had gone through that. He said that because the scar tissue was 8+ years old and relatively extensive, his laser therapy might not be effective, but if I was willing to have the laser treatment on my left foot’s fibroma, he would see if the same therapy would be helpful on my scar tissue.

I began receiving the laser treatments on 12/6/20. I was supposed to receive 10 weekly treatments; I believe that I actually received 11. Dr. Bocian was checking on me intermittently following the treatments to ask how I was doing, and the laser therapist also questioned me regularly regarding my fibroma pain level, which seemed to be decreasing. On April 1, 2021, Dr. Bocian took another ultrasound to compare the size of the fibroma from prior to treatment to conclusion. I can attest that the sensitivity to pressure was greatly reduced, and the fibroma itself seemed to be flatter. As time has passed, I believe that the pain has continued to reduce, and I am not bothered by any pain at this point. The lump is still there, although flatter, but I am 100% pain free. What a relief to have that in my past! The scar tissue in my right foot did not appreciably change, and I assume it was, as Dr. Bocian warned me, likely too old to be impacted by the laser. I regret that I didn’t know Dr. Bocian back in 2011!

I am very thankful that I had the laser treatment on my plantar fibroma and would definitely call it successful. I have referred other friends to his practice since that time. This is a wonderful treatment!



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

1. Please describe the symptoms of your Morton’s neuroma prior to laser treatment. 
I had sharp, stabbing pain in the ball of my left foot whenever I put weight on my foot. It felt like there was a rock or knot in the ball of my foot. I had numbness and tingling in my third and fourth toes as well. At times, unable to walk due to the pain.

2. Did your Morton’s neuroma interfere with activities of daily living or quality-of-life? 
Yes, the Morton’s neuroma interfered with my daily living. I could not walk very far at a time and the rest of my body had to compensate for it, and a lot of limping. Even after short walks I had to rest my foot.

3. How long have you had your symptoms?
As I look back on it now, the symptoms were mild before May 2021. Never even knew I had a problem until on vacation in San Antonio and doing a lot of walking along the Riverwalk. Had to stop walking, sit down and take of my shoe and rub my foot for a while before I could continue on back to the hotel to rest. I could not put any weight on it.

4. Mention previous treatments prior to laser treatment including any injection(s), physical
therapy, shoe modifications, orthotic devices, surgery, etc.
Prior to seeing Dr. Bocian I thought the pain in my foot would go away, much like plantar fasciitis does. It didn’t. I used orthotics with arch supports and metatarsal bumps. I wore cushiony and supportive athletic shoes. I purchased new shoes with a roomier toebox. Starting in August 2021 I began seeing Dr. Bocian, and received three separate cortisone injections over the next three months. The injections worked temporarily, and in January 2022 I began the course of laser treatments – once a week for ten weeks.

5. Describe improvement following laser treatment.
Slowly but surely the laser treatments made a difference! By my tenth laser treatment I believe I was at 80%, a few additional treatments and I was at 90%. I no longer have constant pain in my foot. I do feel pain once in a while but nothing like I was experiencing before. I still wear comfy shoes, and sometimes a gel metatarsal pad. I am able to walk without pain! I even did some hiking in new, roomy hiking boots.

6. What % of improvement have you achieved following laser treatment?
I would say 90-95% right now.

7. How frequent is the pain, if any, following treatment?
The pain is minimal after the laser treatments. I rarely walk barefoot though as I feel it more then – could be because the ball of my foot doesn’t have much padding.

8. Describe your current symptoms now, if any, following laser treatment. Are your symptoms
continuing to improve, staying the same or getting worse?
The pain is minimal after the laser treatments. Soreness sometimes. Still not good to walk around barefooted. Symptoms have improved a bit since the completion of the laser treatments.

9. Has the laser treatment improved the quality of your life?
Yes, I can now walk without pain. I’m able to run my errands and do chores without having to rest my foot. I’m glad that there was a non-surgical treatment available. No down time, no healing time, and just a 15 minute office visit per week for 10 weeks.

10. Following completion of laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma are you…
Extremely satisfied

11. Would you recommend this laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma?
Definitely yes.

Having never had laser treatment prior to this, I didn’t expect the brief, hot/sharp pain from the laser when it was getting through the scar tissue. Natasha was right on it and rubbed the pain out. Didn’t happen too often.

After one visit I had a foot massage from Natasha. It really relaxed me and it was hard to work that day – too relaxed!



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

I feel so fortunate to be able to report on the success of the laser treatment for plantar fasciitis. It is not an exaggeration to say that it gave me my life back!

I am 65 and have been active my whole life and like most folks, I have had a few bouts with plantar fasciitis but was able to resolve the condition within a couple of weeks by stretching and limiting activity.

Last fall I developed PF and assumed I would be able to work through it as usual. However, it continued to get worse even as I kept adding different treatments: orthotics, splints, Kineseo tape, massage, physical therapy, cortisone shots and foot exercises. I was unable to walk for more than a few minutes at a time (down from 3 hours a day) and I dreaded the excruciating pain of getting up from a seat so I didn’t move much during the day. I stayed inside because I felt unsate and embarrassed to be out in public with such a slow gait and pronounced limp. And nothing I could do would make the situation better. It felt like my life was over.

Enter Dr. Bocian who evaluated my condition and offered a therapy that sounded too good to be true. As I understand it, one of the problems with PF is the scar tissue that forms and because it is not elastic like the rest of the fascia it continues to tear the healthy tissue and makes healing a challenge. His laser treatment eliminates this scar tissue without damagin9 healthy tissue, is non-invasive, pain-free and does not require any downtime. It sounded too good to be true but I was ready to try!

The treatment consisted of 10 sessions — one per week — lasting under a half hour. Natasha, the technician, was highly skilled, very informative and delightful company. No pain, no recovery time.

I was informed that typically results would take a few weeks. My pain level was about a 7 to start and I noticed slight improvements the first few weeks. Week five was the game-changer with an 80% improvement by then and I was essentially pain free by the 8th treatment.

I am now 2 months from my final treatment with no pain and back to 100% of pre-plantar fasciitis activities. Thanks to the efforts ot Dr. Bocian and his staff I have learned invaluable information about proper foot/body mechanics so that I can be proactive about preventing PF. And I also know there is a solution if the problem reoccurs. One less body part to worry about!

So, in summary (and no surprise), I am 100% satisfied with the laser treatment and would certainly recommend it for plantar fasciitis.

K. E.


Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

For many months I was getting sharp sensations on the bottom of both feet. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would call it an 8. An 8 that was always present when I walked. I put up with it for many months. At work, I had a desk job so walking was a non-issue. It was when I had to go to construction sites that my feet situation became a problem for me.

I bought Dr. Scholls foot pads, I went to the VA for orthotic shoes and insoles. All of which brought my discomfort level down a point. I met Dr. Bocian and was told about his laser treatment. I started his laser treatment once a week for several weeks. The treatment was painless. As the treatment went on I started to notice comfort in my feet as I walked.

When the treatment concluded, without exaggeration I would say I Improved 100% , from an 8 level of discomfort to a 0. It’s now been five or six years since my laser treatment. There are no more “pebbles" in my shoes anymore. Not only am I extremely safisfied, I am elated! (I don’t think I ever used the word elated before).

I imagine thousands upon thousands of people could have their foot problems cured if only they were aware of this relief that can be had. So in a small way I would like to get the word out by saying, I highly recommend this treatment!



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fibroma

I am a patient of Dr. Bocian’s. I chose him after googling the best treatment for plantar fibromatosis. I was willing to travel just about anywhere for someone that could help me. I was fortunate enough to live close enough to make the 4 hour one way drive to these treatments. Here is a little background on me and my testimonial after completing 10 treatments with Dr. Bocian. I am a 40 year old operating room nurse. I have been a registered nurse for the last 15 years. I have a one year old son and am very active and physically fit. I have suffered plantar fasciitis/foot pain for the last 20 years. It has interfered with my daily activities more often than not, and was very discouraging. It is a 1.5-2 inch spot in my left arch that would increasingly start burning, sharp pain with walking/working out, etc over the day. The only relief would be an intense foot rub and overnight rest. I was constantly looking for a place to sit everywhere I went. Working with podiatrists in the OR I have tried everything under the sun to fix the pain I had in the bottom of my left foot.

I started with steroid injections for neuromas, and when that quit working I had a plantar fasciectomy in 2009. It seems to have worked to relieve some of the tension for a couple of years, and slowly over time it came back. I then went through several rounds of Clarix/amniox injections which came with its own complications. A nerve was accidentally injected which gave me neuritis. I’ve had every orthotic insert you can try. Ice, stretching, etc were all tried for temporary relief. After all was said and done I still had the burning pain in the bottom of my foot. I proceeded to search for specialists out of state to help me. I went to a doctor in Scottsdale AZ who had an MRI done and diagnosed me with plantar fibromatosis. He prescribed verapamil cream and best wishes. Neither of those worked. My next search brought me to Dr Bocian. He came up on google as a top specialist for my diagnosis. After reading the studies and testimonials about the laser treatment I thought what do I have to lose?

It was my final hope of living pain free. I started my first treatment on September 13, 2021. My 10th and final treatment was November 16, 2021. I can honestly say after 1 full month I have not had a single flare up or any pain. I am back to working out an hour plus a day and chasing my one year old without pain!! I am so excited and hopeful that this treatment worked on me. The treatment itself was quick and painless. Dr Bocian and his staff are some of the nicest people I’ve encountered. I had both Dr. Bocian and his laser technician Natasha do my treatments. They, along with my results thus far, definitely made the 8 hour round trip worth it. My husband is definitely happy as the nightly foot rubs have dramatically decreased. I am so happy I chose Dr Bocian and the laser treatments. I would recommend him to anyone with similar issues!



3-month post-laser follow up review:

I can honestly say it was 100% worth doing the treatment on my foot. I can stand for long periods of time, I am active, and I can get through a workout without my foot burning and aching like it used to. I can wear shoes that previously after standing for more than 30 minutes or so my foot would’ve been hurting and it doesn’t now. I would say overall I have a 90% improvement in the pain. I am very happy with the treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Bocian and his team for this treatment. It is truly life-changing.

 Very grateful,


February 25, 2022


Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Morton's Neuroma

 1. Please describe the symptoms of your Moron’s Neuroma prior to laser treatment:
Varies levels of sharp and burning pain when walking or standing. Intermittent. Level: sharp/burning varied level 7-10
Numbness/burning after standing or walking about 45 minutes. Was constant after it started about 45 minutes on my feet. Numbness/ burning: 10

2. Did Morton’s Neuroma interfere with activities of daily living or quality- of0 life?
Yes it interfered with my daily living and quality of life. I was volunteering at an animal shelter where I needed to stand on my feet for 2 to 4 hours. I had to quit because I couldn't stand more than 45 minutes at a time. I used to walk three to 7 miles a day. After about 1-1.5 miles, the burning would set in, so I had to greatly curtail the amount of time and miles I could walk. This was my outlet during early Covid. I also couldn't hike as much, as uneven ground surfaces really set off the burning pain of the neuroma.

3. How long have you had these symptoms?
Progressively about 3 years. Was not nearly as bad three years before I started treatment. The level of pain listed in #1 above started about 10 months before starting laser treatment.

4 Mention previous treatments prior to laser treatment?
Prior treatments: 3 steroid injections occurring between March and June 2020. Orthotics.

5. Describe improvement following laser treatment?
Do not have the burning/numbness after standing or walking. Once in a while I might feel a minor sharp zap. Like once a month, as opposed to every hour before the laser treatment.

6. What percentage of improvement have you achieved following laser treatment?
About 90% still feel some sharp zaps if I step a certain way. It happens about once a month.

7. How frequent is the pain, if any, following laser treatment?

8. Describe your current symptoms now, if any, following laser treatment.
Symptoms got better for a few months after treatment, the improvement leveled off about 3 months after treatment ended.

9. Has the laser treatment for Morton’s Neuroma improved the quality of your life?
Yes, I can walk and stand longer than before the treatment.

10. Following completion of laser treatment for Morton’s Neuroma are you?
Very satisfied

11. Would you recommend this laser treatment for Morton’s Neuroma?



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

Around the spring of 2015 I started to feel a terrible pain on my left sole between my toes. I immediately called Dr. Alan Bocian, my Podiatrist for many years, to set up an appointment to find out what was the cause of this pain. He has all the diagnostic testing equipment right in his office, so he was able to diagnose my problem during that first visit.

Dr. Bocian is the best for explaining in detail what the problem is and to suggest a treatment for it. He always makes sure that his patients understand what treatment he is recommending. He suggested that I try laser treatments on my left sole where the Morton’s neuroma was located. He said he gets good results from 10 treatments, once a week for 10 weeks in a row. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes to complete.

I’ve always had good results from Dr. Bocian’s treatments so I decided to sign up for these treatments. His laser technician, Natasha, is an expert at delivering these treatments with no pain to the patient.

No surgery involved at all. After completing my 10 weeks of treatment the pain from my Morton’s neuroma was almost gone but I continued with a few more treatments until the pain was entirely gone.

Since then, I have not had any recurrences of pain. Anyone suffering from Morton’s neuroma would do well contacting Dr. Alan Bocian at 520-877-3328. His office is located on Orange Grove Road & La Cholla Blvd. I, personally, do not think you will find a better Podiatrist in the city of Tucson, AZ. His people at the front desk are exceptionally pleasant and efficient.

In June of 2021 I wound up with a terrific pain on the heel of my right foot which made hiking most difficult for me. I immediately went to see Dr. Bocian again. After giving me a thorough exam, he diagnosed me as having Plantar Fasciitis on the right heel area of my right foot. He again prescribed the same laser treatment I had about 6 years ago for Morton’s neuroma.

Since I know these treatments work, I signed up for a series of 10 treatments, once a week for 10 weeks. I did miss most of my summer hiking, but at the end of my 10 laser treatments my pain was mostly gone and has not returned since then.

Again, Natasha was my laser technician and as usual she did another outstanding job administrating my laser treatments.

There was absolutely no surgery involved. I strongly recommend Dr. Bocian as one of the best podiatrists you’ll ever encounter.

He has a terrific and well-run office.

Thank you.



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis Follow up

I am writing this as a follow up to my letter after 10 treatments with Dr Bocian’s laser. I had amazing results with the first 10 but still had pain in some shoes and with prolonged standing.

I had 5 additional treatments and that was 3 months ago. I can now wear all shoes and yesterday stood for 3 hrs for a 4th of July parade in Montana.

The treatments for me were seriously life changing and the results have sustained. I can't recommend this treatment and Dr. Bocian enough.

Thank you again.

David Lapan, M.D., FACC


Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis 

I am writing this as a letter of thanks and as a testimonial to Dr. Bocian and his unique pioneering laser treatment which he used to treat my long standing plantar fasciitis. I am a cardiologist in Tucson, AZ. I developed acute plantar fasciitis 10 years ago after holding my 6 y.o son for 4 hours at a Taylor Swift concert. I have been plagued with acute and chronic debilitating pain and discomfort since. I tried everything, stretching, night devices, shoes, inserts, physical therapy, steroid injections with transient or no relief. I thought I was just relegated to this problem forever with restriction of most of my activities. A friend of mine told me of his experience with Dr. Bocian’s laser but I was skeptical and waited over a year to contact him. Fast forward, I have had 10 weeks of weekly treatments. I am now for the most part pain free and doing things comfortably that I haven't been able to do for years. I still get some discomfort if I stand for long periods and I still feel mild discomfort after activity but those also continue to improve. Besides being 90% better, the office experience has been so good. I know how hard it is in today's environment to provide a great patient experience but he has done that. He, his office and his treatment get my highest recommendation.

David Lapan, M.D., FACC


Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

I wanted to give feedback on the success of my treatment of Morton’s neuroma on the right foot:
1. Prior to the laser treatment, the intermittent burning pain escalated to a 9 of 10 when I was on my toes with exercise or dancing or within ¼ mile of riding my bike uphill. I also had pain with any shoes that were not wide-toed shoes. When Morton's neuroma became more aggravated, I had difficulty finding comfortable shoes and it affected my ability to walk.
2. I have been quite active and the pain caused me to have to stop and get off my foot when exercising or dancing. When biking, I had to put a pad in between my 2nd and 3rd phalange when riding a bike. I never knew how long I could ski. If my foot was aggravated I had to take breaks for days at a time from exercise. I was unable to dance at times. I decided to stop clogging since that was felt to aggravate the pain.
3. I have had these symptoms for at least 8-10 years.
4. I attempted to wear wide shoes and sandals, arch support devices (good feet, professionally made orthotics) which helped to a minor extent. At its worst, I tried a walking boot and a scooter to try to get off my foot, though more recently it hadn’t been as debilitating.
5. Following laser treatments, the pain has substantially improved. I still wear wider shoes but can go without arch supports. I can ride my bike up-hill without wearing a foam pad. I can dance without problems for the most part.
6. The improvement is rated at 85%.
7. I have occasional pain after a long night of dancing or several miles of bike riding uphill.
8. I continued to improve following treatment and now have stabilized.
9. My foot was my limiting factor before treatment. Since undergoing treatment, I feel my foot does not dictate my activity. My quality of life has improved significantly.
10. Following the completion of laser treatment I have been extremely satisfied with the results.
11. I would definitely recommend this laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma.



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Plantar Fibroma

Before having laser treatment on my plantar fibromas, I would mostly have intermittent burning pain. This pain varied with the amount of walking I was doing. I would rate the pain level between 3 and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 depending on my level of activity. My battle with this condition has lasted over 11 years.

As a result of this pain, I always knew that I was much more limited than before in activities such as hiking, standing for long periods of time or even the length of a walk that I could take.

Since having laser treatments, I would say that I have had an 80% decrease in the level of pain. I am much less hindered in daily activities. Pain flare ups are infrequent, such as when I reincorporated some leg work at the gym.

My symptoms definitely continued to improve for a time after stopping treatments.

My experience with this condition can be described as sort of a special case. I have tried
everything under the sun as far as treatments for this affliction. The first route I took was to visit a medical doctor who was an orthopedic surgeon and a foot specialist. He recommended cutting them out and I agreed. They don't belong there, right? Cut 'em out. Huge mistake! I had three conventional surgeries before someone told me these things thrive and grow in scar tissue. The third surgery was by a different surgeon who made a huge S scar on the bottom of my foot. It took me nearly six months to heal from that one.

Next, I tried cryosurgery. The first doctor who performed this procedure on me actually had
some success as far as shrinking them almost all the way down. He took a teaching job in
California since.These eventually came back, though. I tried twice with another Phoenix doctor with no good results and then even made a trip to Salt Lake City to have it done there.

At various points I have tried sclerosing alcohol injections and corticosteroid injections. Both of these just made my fibromas angrier. Next, I made multiple trips to San Antonio for hyaluronic acid injections. These had a shrinking effect and even some pain relief for a time. It was short-lived, however.

Laser treatment from Dr. Bocian has definitely improved my quality of life. It is the only truly non-invasive way to treat plantar fibromas. I hope it becomes a common treatment everywhere for this issue. I am extremely satisfied with laser treatment and I would absolutely recommend it for someone suffering with this condition.



Testimonial: High Intensity Laser Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis

1. Symptoms of my Achilles tendonitis prior to laser treatment: For 18 months I had a
burning, sharp, and aching pain. When I would walk, especially for longer periods of
walking, climb ladders, or stand for long periods of times the tendon would become
inflamed and very painful. I could not rest my heel on the couch. I had to keep a pillow
under my calf so the heel was not actually touching anything. I had trouble walking.
When getting out of bed in the morning I had trouble putting my foot on the floor and
walking. Level of pain was 10 or higher. It would be constant pain. The only time it would
calm down was to be sedate and immobile. I had been told by another podiatrist that
there was nothing more that could be done for I had to “deal with the pain”.
2. The tendonitis did interfere with my daily activities. I could not remain on my feet for long periods of time. I had trouble riding my ATV, walking the dog, standing, even standing to make meals would cause pain. I could not walk quickly.
3. My symptoms were approximately 18 months.
4. I tried heat, ice, below the knee walking boot, physical therapy, stretching exercises and a cortisone

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