With summer just around the corner, it is time to kick off those boots and insulated shoes and step into something airy and comfortable. Are you ready for sandal season? This is the time of year when both men and women alike spring from closed footwear and slap on sandals. From a podiatrist’s perspective, the best type of sandals are those with multiple straps because they provide the best fit. Here is a list of sandals that are both comfortable and provide the necessary amount of straps for a good fit.

  • Chaco brand sandals are the choice for many patients. Their signature styles provide ample straps to accommodate varying foot widths.
  • FitFlop thong styles employ a medical strap that supports a pronated foot. These sandals run wide, so if you have narrow feet you might want to try another brand.
  • Like Chaco, Orthaheel provides sandals with plenty of straps to keep your foot in place. These sandals also provide great arch support and are stylish.
  • Every year, the ever-popular Birkenstock company comes out with new styles of sandals that are hip in style and color. The more popular styles are available in varying widths.

You can find these sandals by visiting each company’s individual website. You can also check out zappos.com or 6pm.com for a wide selection of sandals in a variety of sizes and styles.

If you suffer from unsightly nail fungus and are embarrassed to wear sandals, we can help. Dr. Bocian is a foot specialist in Tucson who offers a variety of treatments and services. Schedule your appointment today.