I’m 45 year old former dancer, ballet, ballroom, Latin dancer. I love hiking, biking, swimming, walking, jogging.
For last two years I had a sharp needling pain on left foot between 3rd and 4th toes. I stopped dancing, hiking and running.

The foot pain was increasing with thin bottom shoes, or tight shoes, boots. But I still wasn’t paying attention, until it became unbearable after using a tight boot, flat, with thin bottom. I started feeling a rock sensation at bottom on my foot on 02/21/16. I was diagnosed with a Morton’s neuroma in the emergency room and got a referral to a surgical orthopedist. I went to see an orthopedist, got a cortisone injection into my painful neuroma. It helped temporarily with very mild result. It was recommended to have surgical removal of my Morton’s neuroma. I also tried icing, lidocaine patches and oral enzymes supplements, but nothing was helping. I had trouble sleeping with such sharp needling pain like a rock was in the bottom of my foot.

I read online about laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bocian. My diagnosis was confirmed with an ultrasound. The size of my neuroma was 1.12cm x 5.02 mm. I was told that this is a new treatment and not FDA approved. I wanted to get this treatment ASAP and started getting laser treatment in May of 2016.

I felt so much better even after second laser treatment. It was really a big relief. I felt better 25% improvement after the second laser session. With each session my condition was getting better and better. After 10 laser treatments my pain was gone by 80%. I wanted to get better and received 5 more laser treatments, my symptoms got better by 95%.

Meanwhile, I got some compensation pain at other toes. It was a joint pain and tendinitis. Dr.Bocian injected these painful areas which helped a lot. I also got inserts for my running shoes. All treatments together helped me to get back to my normal active lifestyle. I still have an occasional little numbness, after swelling of my feet or after too much pressure in flat shoes.

I don’t wear tight or thin bottom shoes, very high heels or flats. I’m getting back to my exercise routine, lifting weights and walking and my life quality got so much better. Also symptoms are improving with time. I can’t jump on hard surface with bare feet, but I can run with my soft inserts, and slight jumping.

I am extremely satisfied with my laser treatment. Thanks to Dr. Bocian and his team for their amazing laser treatment. I could avoid a foot surgery and feel active again. I would definitely highly recommend laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma. It takes time and patience, but I feel that it’s worth all the effort. I hope this method of laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma will be approved by FDA and it will help all people with same problems.

Bebe B.
Tucson, AZ