Prior to treatment my foot was swelling on the top part of my foot and on the ball of my foot. I had sharp pain at a pain level of 8 in the ball of my foot while walking.

Before Morton’s Neuroma I walked up Tumamoc Hill which is a three mile walk several times a week. I would walk my dog daily 1-3 miles. I also walked 3-5 miles at work. I was no longer able to walk up Tumamoc Hill at all and had to limit my dog walking to less than a mile a day or not at all. I decreased my walking at work to around 2 miles in an 8 hour day.

The pain in the ball of my foot had been bothering me for less than 6 months before I started my first treatment in the beginning of 2017. The pain I had in the same foot since 2015 was tendonitis and plantar fasciitis that I believe is what then lead to the Morton’s Neuroma.

Before I went to Dr. Bocian and started receiving laser treatments I had gone to an orthopedic doctor. The doctor gave me a cortisone injection in the top of my foot and it did not give me any relief from pain.

After I finished the laser therapy treatments I very rarely have pain when walking with shoes on. I still have some discomfort when walking barefoot. I use to have some discomfort while standing in the shower but I no longer feel any discomfort on the bottom of my foot while standing in the shower.

My pain and discomfort from the neuroma is 95% better.

I rarely have any pain while walking with sensible shoes on.

I think my symptoms are getting better because the rare moments of pain are becoming rarer.

The laser treatments have gotten me back to being as active as I once was. I am back to walking up Tumamoc Hill, I take my dog for a one mile walk daily and I have started gardening again. Going back to my active lifestyle has also resulted in need weight loss of 14lbs!

I would definitely recommend laser treatment for Morton’s neuroma. I am very happy with the results and glad that I had it done. Going in once a week to get the treatment is no trouble when I know that it was improving my Morton’s neuroma. I would go in twice a week if I knew it would get me faster results.

Georgina R.
Tucson, AZ