I am a former regular soldier and retired Police Officer, also I run and train every day.

For more years than I care to remember I have had pain from my right instep. Hard callouses would be extremely painful but a more intense pain would emanate from below the callouses.

I tried callouses removers, wart removers, so may insteps I lost count, saw local foot doctor (2X) who would not know a neuroma from a hemorrhoid, and came to terms that I would just have to accept the pain.

Then in desperation I saw Dr Bocian, Before he administered an ultrasound he had diagnosed the source of my pain to be a Morton’s Neuroma-(I thought that was an electric scooter!)-the ultrasound merely confirmed it.

Dr Bocian explained very clearly that he was confident he could cure this condition but the treatment had not been approved and insurance would not cover it. His confidence and explanation were enough for me and I commenced the laser treatment treated by his excellent associate, Natasha.

The callouses were removed and with the administration of a cream prescribed have more or less not returned. ( At this point I will add that I am extremely hard on my feet, I work out daily lot of rope jumping sprinting etc and take care of three horses) After the first laser treatment, I felt a difference. I thought it was my imagination but after three treatments the pain had gone. Every treatment up to number six I felt more improvement, after that the pain has gone and has not returned.

I cannot express my appreciation to Dr Bocian and Natasha-every treatment was a pleasure and I would definitely highly recommend anyone with ANY foot problems to see him-particularly if all other treatments have failed!

And to the certifying organization(s) feel free to contact me-because this treatment really works and after nearly fifty years of pain, I am completely in debt to Dr. Bocian.

Robert D.
Tucson, AZ