Nail fungal infections are typically caused by a skin fungus such as yeast and mold. According to the Mayo Clinic, fungi are microscopic organisms that don’t need sunlight to survive. Some fungi have beneficial uses. Others cause illness and infection. Fungi live in warm, moist environments including swimming pools and showers. They can invade your skin through cuts so small you cannot see them or through a small separation between your nail and nail bed. Fungi can cause problems if your nails are exposed to warm and moist conditions. Here are some factors that can increase your risk of developing nail fungus from your podiatrist in Tucson:

Being older, reduced blood flow and more years of exposure to fungi and slower growing nails.
Being male, especially if you have a family history of nail fungal infections
Working in a humid or moist environment or in a job where you hands are often wet such as bar tending or housekeeping
Wearing socks and shoes that do not have proper ventilation
Living with someone who has nail fungus
Walking barefoot in communal areas such as swimming pools, gyms, and shower rooms
Athlete’s Foot
Having a minor skin or nail injury or a skin condition such as psoriasis
Having diabetes, circulation problems or a weakened immune system.

A severe case of nail fungus can be painful and may cause permanent damage to your nails. It could lead to other serious infections that can spread beyond your feet. Call us and let us take care of any concerns you may have.