Toenail fungus is a fungal infection that causes your nail to thicken, discolor, and develop crumbling edges. In certain cases, it can even cause pain in your toes, and possibly even result in a foul odor emanating from your foot. Here, we look at some tips to help you avoid developing toenail fungus.

Keep your nails trimmedfemale feet with the French pedicure

Be sure to keep your toenails short and neat. Clip them straight across, don’t trim the skin around the nails, and file down any thick spots. If you get your nails done at a salon, be sure to use a reputable one that sterilizes their instruments.

Wear sweat absorbing socks

Toenail fungus thrives in dark, damp environments. Wearing socks that wick away moisture, such as wool, nylon, and polypropylene, helps to keep your feet dry, which eliminates a key need for fungi to develop in the first place.

Buy new shoes

Old shoes can provide the perfect environment for fungi. If you develop an infection, the shoes you wore during that time can pose a risk for reinfection. If you can’t replace them, be sure to treat them with disinfectant and anti-fungal sprays.

Wear sandals in the locker room

It is possible for toenail fungus to spread in areas where many people are walking around barefoot, such as a locker room. Protect yourself by wearing sandals or shoes in these areas.

If you suffer from toenail fungus, we can help. We offer the Genesisplus by Cutera® laser treatment to quickly and painlessly eradicate toenail fungus. We’d love to be your Tucson podiatrist. Contact us today to make your appointment!