1. K.Leslie H.- Benefits of Laser Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma (Stump Neuroma)

    I can highly recommend Dr. Bocian and his non-invasive laser treatments. I had started having terrible foot pain 2011 and went to many doctors. I tried injections, but the pain not only came back but got worse. I tried orthotics, widening the shoes….everything the doctors suggested I should do but nothing worked. In July 2013, they all agreed surgery was my only option. I had the surgery in Augu…Read More

  2. Norma C..- GenesisPlus Laser Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis

    I am so pleased with Dr. Bocian's Nd:YAG laser treatment I have received in your office. I have been dealing with a small tear in my Achilles tendon for at least 1 1/2 years to 2 years. I have worn a boot twice, the first time I wore it for 6 weeks, that seemed to help, but not completely after wearing the boot I had a knee revision in August of 2014 and then a hip replacement in May of 205. Both …Read More

  3. Judy T. – Benefits of Laser Treatment for Plantar Fibroma

    Thank you Dr. Bocian. Last July I limped into your office with a lump on the sole of my foot and in severe pain. You diagnosed the lump as plantar fibroma. I had a trip to Yellowstone planned in 4 weeks, so you immediately started me on a series of laser treatments. The fibroma improved sufficiently in 4 weeks, so that I was able to enjoy my trip. Today, after 13 laser treatments, I am back to all…Read More

  4. Allen E. – Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

    Allen Elvick 02/12/14 -- I am writing to relate my experience with the laser protocol treatment of plantar fasciitis. I was talking to a friend of mine regarding problems that I was having with plantar fasciitis. I was doing all the usual recommended things to treat the painful condition including stretching, icing, nasids, shoe inserts, and wearing a splint at night. None of this seemed to be wor…Read More

  5. Brenda L. – GenesisPlus Laser Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

    Brenda Lehan 12/30/2013 -- I have suffered from foot pain for many years. At first I did not know what was the cause as I have bunions, hammertoes, and a high arch. After learning I had plantar fasciitis and tried the new laser treatment, my foot pain is 90 percent gone. And the best part, no surgery! Which means no down time and I can still do all of my activities (walking, biking, aerobics, gard…Read More

  6. J. Symmers – Effect of Laser Therapy on Morton’s Neuroma

    J. Symmers, 11/11/13 I approached Dr. Bocian when I could barely walk because of pain in both feet. Dr. Bocian told me I had Morton’s neuromas. He injected cortisone a total of three times for each neuroma. The cortisone worked on the left foot, but I still had intrusive pain and burning in the right foot. Dr. Bocian suggested I join his study to measure the effect of lasers on neuromas. After D…Read More

  7. Dan Hoffman

    I had suffered from plantar fasciitis for nearly two months...trying the stretching exercises, ice bottle roll, tennis ball roll, that websites recommended. Not much relief. Dr Bocian recommended trying laser treatment, which he said was "new school", but has had success. I have to say that I am a believer! I began to feel some relief after the first treatment, and by completion of the third laser…Read More

  8. Debbi L.

    Over the past 10+ years I had tried topical gels and creams as well as prescription medications like Lamisil to stop the ugly fungal infection living in my toenails. After trying so many different types of treatments I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to live with it. Unhappily I stopped wearing sandals and open toed shoes because I was so self-conscious of my yellowed, thick…Read More

  9. Carrie B.

    I am ecstatic about the laser treatment I received at Dr Bocian’s! Past experience with treatment for planters’ warts has been excruciating with a lengthy recovery period. I had absolutely NO PAIN the very SAME DAY! I can hardly believe it!…Read More

  10. Tim

    All I can say is WOW! After trying for over 15 years to get rid of toenail fungus on 2 toes, it took less than 30min for Dr. Bocian, to laser my toenails and I only had a mild warming sensation. After all the topical medications and other remedies I tried relentlessly its finally a relief to see normal toenails growing back. I could not be happier and would recommend it to anyone. Sit back in a co…Read More

  11. J.R.

    I travel all the way from northwest Montana to Tucson to receive treatment for my nail fungus from Dr. Bocian. After years of trying topical ointments and other treatments I had pretty much given up on finding anything that would make a difference in the condition and appearance of my nails. Although I know it may take a number of months to actually see changes, I can already see a difference afte…Read More

  12. Leigh C.

    I want to thank you again, for the successful Nd:YAG laser treatment on my Morton’s neuroma. I was able to wear heels and dance at my nephew’s wedding, with no pain! In fact, there has not been a return of any signs or symptoms of the neuroma. I am continuing to spread the word of your treatment. It was highly successful for me.…Read More